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趋向,亦作“ 趋乡 ”,亦作“向”.指前往;前行等.见晋 葛洪《抱朴子遐览》:“正欲反迷,以寻生道;仓卒罔极,无所向.”

tendency [tendnsi]趋势; 趋向

There is a tendency that the mass media is over exaggerating the news.


measure of central tendency[数] 集中趋势度量[网络短语]measure of central tendency 集中量数,中趋势量数,集中趋势的度量statistics-measure of central tendency 统计学

stretch the lies 拉伸的谎言 例句:Has a tendency to stretch the truth= sometimes lies. 有夸大事实的倾向=有时说谎.lift our egos 提升我们的自我

1 people's tendency2 so serious a question3 the principle of abandonment4 People have settled down5 Someone has broken in6 unnecessary to carry7 they have to separate

trend [trend] n.倾向, 趋势 vi.伸向, 倾向, 通向 trend trend AHD:[trnd] D.J.[trend] K.K.[trWnd] n.(名词) The general direction in which something tends to move.走向:事物趋向运动的大致方向 A general tendency or inclination.See

tend的名词:tending tend的形容词:tended tend 英 [tend] 美 [tnd] vt. 照料,照管 vi. 趋向,倾向;照料,照顾

第一个不会it is acknowledge thatlive up to parents'expectationgrowing/increasing tendency


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