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快穿之打脸狂魔 完本 逆神 连载

《想做男配其实也不容易》by mijia 《快穿之万人迷》by 东施娘 《快穿之万人迷2》by 东施娘

http://www.598m.cn/search.asp?keyword=%C9%CF%B5%DB%D2%B2%B7%E8%BF%F1&image.x=23&image.y=9 第一部和第二部 自己去看

The strong fall of the land of the wolf god

full measure of的意思是完整的,完全的这里可以翻译为满满的快乐上帝的承诺是人人平等,人人自由,人人有机会去追寻他们最大的快乐.


你都不出点分The summer of 1945, the United States Department mafia mob clan leader, "Godfather" Vito mob Tang for small daughter Connie held a grand wedding. "The Godfather" has three sons: Sunni those of the eldest son, the

《爱丽丝梦游仙境》双语版The journey had started at Folly Bridge near Oxford and ended five miles away in the village of Godstow. To while away time the Reverend Dodgson told the girls a story that, not so coincidentally, featured a bored little girl

http://www.dantoren.com/links/download/zvuvim98/[02]god-save-the-queen.mp3 你是不是要这首歌啊

这个我可以解释. swear to god 是对着上帝发誓 swear by god 是以上帝的名义发誓. 一般口语是用to做介词用的多一点.


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