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so ,as a result 如果满意,请采纳,谢谢^^


知友,你好!therefore是“所以”的意思,和它同义的的词语有so, consequently,hence .so,consequently可以和therefore可以完全替代.hence用法有点特别,它有时能用在句末,有时后面可以接名词而不需要完整的句子.所以hence不能完全替换therefore.祝你进步!

therefore是“因此”的意思,等同于短语:as a result 或者as a consequence

too to

so同义的词有:therefore、hence、ergo、accordingly、consequently等.单词解析:1、therefore 读音:英 ['ef(r)] 美 ['erfr] adv. 因此;所以 He was the only candidate; therefore, he was elected.他是唯一的候选人,因此,他当选

therefore等于 and so , thus, result in再看看别人怎么说的.

你好!Thus, Therefore可以用,最简单的可以理解为中文的"因为,所以“Consequently 和 Nevertheless 有点衔接上下文的意思,并列而非因果关系.如有疑问,请追问.

Finally;So.consequently.therefore.in consequence.in consequence, therefore, as a consequence.as a result 英 [z rizlt] 美 [z e rzlt] 释义结果, 因此;1、2,000 prisoners died as a result of torture and maltreatment. 2,000名犯人死

then 近义词 therefore


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