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I will be here waiting for you.

怎样用wait for造句 Right Here Waiting Oceans apart, day after day, 海隔一方,日复一日 and I slowly go insane. 我开始恍惚. I hear your

wait tables 当服务员on my own 显然这个人自己开饭馆,又要同时当服务员wait tables on my own我自己亲自为顾客服务

1. I am waiting for you.2. I am not waiting for you.3. I will wait for you tommorrow.4. I won't wait for you.5. I waited for you last night.6. I didn't wait for you last night.7. I was waiting for you at that time.8. I wasn't waiting for you at that time.9. He is waiting

Who are you waiting for? I am waiting for my friend, 你在等谁? 我在等我朋友.

是一个英语短语,wait a minute 念“喂特 呃 迷你特”意思是等一会,等一下

i wait for you.he wait for linda.she wait for her mother.

1、I shall wait for him at the school gate. 我将在学校大门等他.2、Wait me for a moment. 等我一会儿.3、We're waiting for the bus. 我们在等公车.4、They waited for Owen's arrival. 他们等待欧文的到来.5、Don't wait supper for me. 别等我吃

waiting tables 侍应生wait table 伺候进餐

She has impatience to wait for the bus.她没有耐心等公共汽车到来.The general ordered the fleet to remain where they were and wait for the further instructions.将军命令舰队原地待命.Please wait for me at the bus terminal.请在公共汽车终点站等我.


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