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Good morning everybody. Welcome to join me at today's weather forecast. The Highest Temperature today is 15 degree centigrade and The Lowest Temperature is 5 degree centigradeand. it's a sunny day today and wind force is three to five. it's

天气预报 weather forecast 1开头语 welcome to listen to the weather forecast for tomorrow/the following week. here's the weather forecast/ report for… 2. 结束语: that's all for today. thanks for watching/ listening to today's weather

weather reportDo you know the weather about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?I can tell you. Tomorrow it will be cool.You should wear more clothes.The day after tomorrow morning it will be rainy.You should wear raincoat and take out the umbrealla.In the afternoon there will be a typhoon.Be careful everybody please!


许多:many,much,a lotoflive in:居住.希望对你有帮助,谢谢.望采纳.

Weather report 加不加 S 得看你说的是一个天气预报,还是很多天气预报.如果你说的只是一个,那就不用加 S.如果你说的是两三个天气预报,那就要加 S.不过一般来说,如果句子是“你看了今天的天气预报么?”这个翻译到英文就是“Did you watch the weather report today?”这个就不用加 S 了.


good morning, thanks for watching today's weather report.<br> <br> the weather plays like a broken record in the northwest, as another day of rain and snow continue. a stubborn pacific storm is hammering the west coast with rain, while the

weather report 天气预报

weather forecast和weather report 都是天气预报的意思.前者更有预报的意思,后者是关于天气的报告,包括预报


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