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《back home》 发行时间: 2007-11-05 1 you must have had a broken he 2 home 3 us against the world 4 something right 5 i'm already there 6 when i'm with you 7 have you ever 8 it's you 9 catch my breath 10 the easy way 《钟爱一生情歌自选辑

1,Swear It Again 2,If I Let You Go 3,Flying Without Wings 4,I Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun 5,Fool Again 6,Against All Odds 7,My Love 8,Uptown Girl 9,Queen Of My Heart 10,World Of Our Own 11,Unbreakable 12,Mandy 13,You Raise Me Up

楼主要求的歌曲是比较轻快的抒情歌,呵呵.我不知道你所说的新歌是指多新的个.貌似最新的歌曲也是《BACK HOME》这张专辑,WL上一年没有出新专辑所以,就拿最近一张专辑里的歌来推荐吧,确实有那么两三首和你要求的差不多的:首推 when i am with you ,其次就是 someting rightThe Easy Way 也是一首类似的歌看楼主对WL的力度不是很够啊……再给你推荐一些稍微有点老的歌吧: Amazing Total Eclipse Of The Heart All Out Of Love (feat. Delta Goodrem) 就这些吧,希望你喜欢

http://u.115.com/folder/f442e4146b1 优蛋的 Part 1 - Westlife专辑: Westlife, Coast to Coast, World of Our Own, Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Vol.I, Turnaround, Allow Us to Be Frank, Face to Face.Part 2 - Westlife专辑: The Love Album, Back

所有专辑 《turnaround》 发行时间: 2003-11-01 语种: 英文 唱片公司: Rca 试听此专辑 1 heal 2 hey whatever 3 home 4 i did it for you 5 lost in you 6 mandy 7 obvious 8 on my shoulder 9 thank you 10 to be with you 11 turn around 12

my love歌词 歌手:westlife(西城男孩) http://www.520music.com/play/29346.htm my love, an empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart, i'm all alone, the rooms are getting sma ller, i wonder how, i wonder why, i wonder where they are,

westlife(1999)01 Swear It Again 02 If I Let You Go 03 Flying Without Wings 04 Fool Again 05 No No 06 I Don't Wanna Fight 07 Change The World 08 Moments 09 Seasons In The Sun 10 I Need You 11 Miss You 12 More Than Words 13 Open Your

UK No. 1 Singles 英国单曲榜冠军 01 Swear It Again 1999年4月26日夺冠并蝉联两周 02 If I Let You Go 1999年8月16日夺冠 03Flying Without Wings 1999年10月25日夺冠

专辑 1999年 Westlife(同名专辑) 歌曲1. Swear It Again 2. If I Let You Go 3. Flying Without Wings 4. Fool Again 5. No No 6. I Don't Wanna Fight 7. Change the World 8. Moments 9. Seasons in the Sun 10. I Need You 11. Miss You 12. More Than

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