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whAt s your DrEAm 回答

My dream is to be a scientist in the future.


Everyone has his/her dream,My dream is that I could become a successful film director.I like seeing films very much and has been lots of excellent films.I also want to express my feelings in my own film in the future.In order to realize my dream,I will


what is your dream? I want to be teacher.what about you? I want to be singer.Why do you want to be teacher? Because it is great and relaxing.But sometimes it is difficult.what about you? Because I love singing.

what is your dream university like?意思是(什么是你理想中的大学呢?) 可回答:(My ideal university is.) 意思是:(我理想的大学是) 望采纳!

I dream to travel all over the world如果我的答案对您有帮助,请点击右面的“采纳答案”按钮!祝您生活愉快,学习进步!谢谢!

What's your dream 意思是:你的梦想是什么?What's your dream in 2007 and how to carry it out? 在2007年,你的梦想是什么,该如何实现它呢 ?What's your dream? Everybody comes here, this is Hollywood , land of dreams. 你的梦想是 什么 ?每个人都来到这里, 梦想的土地.Piggy, what's your dream? 太好了!我希望你能梦想成真.

My dream is to be a reporter As a reporter, I will meet many interesting people. I like to talk with the different people. And I am interested in the new things . I want other people to know what I know. So I like to be a reporter. Of course, I try my best to

My dream job is because i like the so I think that this job will be the most suitable job for me.


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