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don,t worry me,mom don,t speak loudly in the library she often worrys about her daughter.

It is the worrying kid that worried me most.最让我担忧的还是这个让人担忧的小孩.It's Houston's injury that is now the most worrying.休斯顿的伤现在是最令人担心的.He seemed very worried.他似乎非常担忧.

I am worried about you all the time.我一直在担心你呢!

My mother was very ill, and I had to attend to her. And I was worried about her operation.我母亲病了,我不得不照顾她.我非常担心她的手术情况.I was worried about the hotel bill, but in the event I had enough money to pay.我一直担心旅馆的费用

deal with :How can i deal with these difficulties

vt.1. 使担心,使发愁 Nothing worries me.我没有什么可担心的.2. 担心,发愁[Y][+wh-][+(that)] The teacher worried that these problems might be too hard for her students.老师担心这些题目会对学生太难.Don't worry how much you spend on the

我爱你,但我不能忍受你说的话. I love you but I can't stand what you say. 我喜欢学习英语,但是我不能忍受记生词. I love studying English but I can't stand remembering the new words. 我喜欢吃美味的食物,但是我不能够忍受发胖. I love

1. It leads to nowhere, you should give it up.2. Developed countries are liable to global warming.3. The report indicated that developed countries are liable to global warming.4. Linux is derived from the Unix operating system.5. Don't interfere with his plan.

您好,翻译为 I think his worrying is useless.希望帮助你

I ought to relax and stop worrying about it.我应该放松一下,不要再担心它了. 把i换成he就可以啦


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